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Get more from your
Digital Assets with the Cincopa Enterprise Video Platform. 

Cincopa offers a complete Enterprise Solution that covers all aspects of managing your corporate’s video, audio, and images in one place.

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Why Leidos chose Cincopa?

Dora Tzotchevska,

Senior Multimedia Producer @ Leidos Digital Solutions


Maximize Collaboration with Multiple Account Management

Share and manage digital assets among your internal departments & corporate teams. Upload videos directly to the Cincopa platform or automate the process from Zoom or Webex meetings.

Streamline internal communication and collaboration with the Switch Account functionality across multiple departments.

Unlock the full potential of videos created within your organization. Leverage Cincopa’s robust API as a powerful engine to build tailored solutions that meet your needs.

Maximize Collaboration with Multiple Account Management


Empower your sales team
with video

Our video solution seamlessly integrates with G Suite and Microsoft Plugin, allowing your Sales department to easily add Thumbnail Videos to their emails within their email platform.

With complete integration into sales automation platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, and PipeDrive, you can effectively analyze video engagement and create tasks for your Sales Team.

Boost conversion to SQLs with impactful sales videos


Video Solutions for Your Marketing Team

Cincopa offers comprehensive video marketing solutions at your fingertips. Elevate your marketing strategy with our intuitive platform.

Capture valuable insights through actionable video lead scoring, effectively qualifying MQLs. Gain in-depth audience understanding with Cincopa’s advanced video analytics and heatmaps.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your audience’s video interactions.

Boost conversion to SQLs with impactful sales videos


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Internal Communication

Create a secure video portal for
your employees-team

Use our Enterprise Video Management to share your corporate knowledge securely for internal communication and transform the way of training and onboarding employees.

Cincopa Corporate Communication Solutions creates a secure internal environment for sharing video content, broadcasting town halls, and circulating internal knowledge.

Restrict access to authorized personnel for sensitive content with powerful video encryption. Our impressive Account Site and CincoTube will let your internal teams share videos on a customizable and branded landing page.

Utilize our online solid course capabilities for department and employee training, including automated Employee Certification upon finishing the course and secure domain access through the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature.

A video portal for your employees- CincoTube

Customer Success-Support

Empower Your Customer Support-Service with Video

In today’s digital landscape, customer support is not just about resolving issues. it’s about enhancing the user experience at every touchpoint.

With Cincopa’s centralized video solution, your customer support team can effortlessly integrate visually engaging and informative video content into their service strategies. From creating comprehensive video FAQs to offering step-by-step video guides, Cincopa empowers your support team to provide swift and efficient resolutions.

This not only elevates customer satisfaction but also allows your team to handle queries with a personal and empathetic approach, fostering a stronger and more trusting relationship with your clientele.

Experience the transformative power of video centralization with Cincopa and redefine what exceptional customer service looks like.

Customer-Service Solution


Get more from your Digital Assets with our Cincopa Enterprise Video Platform

Cincopa offers a complete Enterprise Solution that covers all aspects of managing your corporate’s video, audio, and images in one place.

We understand how important it is to have multiple accounts for a corporation, to solve that we allow your teams to collaborate and transfer videos easily between departments and geographical regions while ensuring the highest level of security and privacy for your corporate communications.

Cincopa’s Enterprise Communication is crucial for your success, helping you generate better results with your corporate videos!

Get more from your Digital Assets with our Enterprise Video Platform

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